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How It Works

Our magnetic strips can be easily sewn into your existing clothes - offering the ease and flexibility of putting on your clothes in seconds.
  • Choose a custom kit that works for you.
  • Install our magnetic strips into your clothing.
  • Snap your clothes on and off in seconds.

Check out our Kits

Better than a zipper kit

This kit allows you to install our magnetic strips in place of zippers in any pair of pants. Once these are sewn in you can get your pants on and off in seconds.


Better than buttons kit

This kit allows you to install magnets into button-down shirts. Once these are sewn in you can look sharp, and have the independence to button your own shirt.


Kits for

We have the same two kits for children's clothing as well. We know how hard it can be to get your kiddos dressed, let our kits ease the stress of getting dressed.


“This is magical.”

Before AdaptaFit it was very time consuming for me to button up my shirts.

“Just want to give you an update on my shorts and shirt that I modified. Both are performing perfectly. The magnets continue to securely lock onto each other with a positive and satisfying 'snap' sound. Zero issues, they just work”
BIll - St. Louis
“"AdaptaFit has taken the stress out of getting dressed. Thanks to AdaptaFit the magnetic force is with me.".”
“"He has loved his newly adapted shirts. They stay put and the magnetic kits are strong enough to not pop open when he is moved around and stretches.”
Wesley's Family

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